Premier Windows



What’s the first thing you see when you enter any home? The door. It could be a traditional front door, a stylish patio door or the open invitation of French or Bifold doors. First impressions count – and with a door from the Premier range, you can be sure that they’ll always be positive.

To start with there’s a huge variety of doors to choose from – from detailed classical designs to contemporary simplicity. Then there are numerous finishes and a vast range of clear, coloured, patterned, decorated and leaded glazing plus enough hardware options to add a touch of individuality to any door. Next comes security. The rigid, multi-chambered construction of all our doors is reinforced with steel and multi-point locking systems. Weather tight seals, insulated frames plus a selection of double-glazing options excludes draughts and all the other elements.

Premier Composite Doors - Double Rebate          
Composite doors are ever more popular, especially now, when homeowners are more discerning and 
sophisticated in their buying decisions. Through innovative manufacturing processes and product development
Premier supply a door range that truly exceeds homeoners' needs on style and performance.  
The Premier range of composite doors are available in a wide choice of styles, colours and glass options
with a performance which will stand the test of time.          
Style and Colour                
Premier GRP 'through colour' doors are available in a choice of nine popular RAL colour finishes including
black (beck brown), white and traditional solid wood grain finishes. These are not painted skins, which can be
subject to inconsistency in finish. Each finish is enhanced by the high wood grain definition made possible by
the thermoset process.              
Double Rebate                
A double rebate feature means our doors are fully sealed so that we have better protection against water
penetration and an improved weather and acoustic performance compared to normal single rebated doors,
Single rebated doors - because of the lack of tolerance between door and frame do not provide the same
quality of seal.                
The Premier door is the thickest on the market today at 68mm. In fact 30% more than the standard 44mm
offered by most companies. Which makes our door not only much stronger, but also gives a superior thermal
performance with a U value of 0.85Wm2K on a solid door and an improved acoustic sound performance. This
is made possible by the high density polyurethane foam, which forms a solid composite construction to fill
the assembly, adding to an almost impenetrable door that is warp free and weather resistant. It makes ours
more energy efficient, saving the homeowner on heating bills.        
Timber free construction              
There is no timber involved. Instead, enviromentally friendly pvcu sections with bespoke full steel reinforcement
substrates are used for the door skins to be applied to. The advantages compared to doors using a timber
substrate is that ours offer greater rigidity with less risk of twisting, swelling, shrinking, rotting or warping.
Low threshold                
A high performance aluminium low threshold (Part M) is available for easier wheelchair access.  
British Standards Specification Approved          
Our solid strength doors are British made, Built to give you confidence and built to last. Ours outperform the
most stringent and recognised consumer British standards and are manufactured under ISO14001 Environ -
mental Management System Licence. All components and extruded parts are manufactured in the UK.
PAS 023 & 024                
Doors pass the latest PAS023 standard at the highest level, which measures a high resistance to air and 
water penetration, Doors pass the PAS024 security standard, which measures resistance to a high level 
against forced mechanical and human entry. Our doors also meet the requirements of 'Secured by Design' -
a standard recognised by the Association of British Insurers.        
Environmental Considerations            
Our doors are made to reduce energy loss by as much as 85% compared to traditional timber doors. The CFC
free polyurethane foam used in the inner core and the timber free construction makes it more environmentally
The Door Frame                
The doorframe is made from steel reinforced 70mm PVCu profile extruded to BS7413 specifications. This
results in a door that is high impact resistant tested to the most stringent standards.    
Hardware and Glazing              
Decorative glazing options - Choose from a wide selection of twelve decorative glazing options and six 
obscurity levels to match. Coloured and bevelled options are also available. 28mm glazing cassettes comply
with 'Secure by Design' standards.